Cosmetic Procedures  ThermiRase Nerve Ablation

The ThermiRase Nerve Ablation Procedure

The ThermiRase Nerve Ablation procedure can provide excellent facial wrinkle reduction with much longer lasting results than you get from neurotoxins like Botox. We are happy to be recognized as only the second practice in DFW to be able to offer this exciting new treatment.   Rather than injecting a toxin into your muscles, the ThermiRase system heats the nerves that cause the wrinkling so they stop working. The nerves stop working, which lets the muscles relax for as long as a year or more.  The treatment can be repeated as needed to maintain your smooth skin.

How does ThermiRase Nerve Ablation work?

The ThermiRase system permits Dr. McBride to accurately locate and treat the nerves that cause skin wrinkles.  ThermiRase, just like Botox, prevents the problem facial muscles from functioning, and gives you a more relaxed and natural look.  Botox changes how the muscle works, but ThermiRase changes how the nerves to the muscles work.  The result is the same, but the results last much longer with ThermiRase.  It is performed in our office, using local anesthesia, or IV sedation, and combines electrical and radiofrequency stimulation to identify and relax only the muscles that cause wrinkles.  The results are immediate.  Only one treatment is needed.

  Before ThermiRase Nerve Ablation          After ThermiRase Nerve Ablation